Session 1 - Wholistic Mission of the Church

Beyond COVID-19

Embracing the joyful, painful, scandalous journey to wholistic missional impact in a post-postcolonial world

About the Webinar:

As the dust is settling on the seismic changes COVID-19 has brought globally, the church in Africa and beyond is confronted with two options: 1) to continue trying to survive while maintaining the status quo or 2) to thrive through innovation, taking ownership of the new wineskins God is offering for the new wine he is making.

Lead Speaker:

Dr. Gil Odendaal

Dr. Gil Odendaal is a missionary, pastor, educator, leader, and public speaker who served as senior vice president of integral mission at World Relief. Currently, he is senior director at Life In Abundance International. He has a PhD from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and a DMin from Westminster Theological Seminary.

He previously served as the global director for peace implementation with Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California, as well as global director for the HIV/AIDS initiative under Kay Warren. Odendaal has dedicated more than thirty years to empowering the church around the world to seamlessly integrate word and deed ministries that transform communities, especially through health-related initiatives.

He has served as regional coordinator for Africa, Russia, and Eastern Europe with Medical Ambassadors International and he is currently serving on the Lausanne Movement Integral Mission leadership team and on the boards of Accord (Association of Christian Relief and Development Organizations) and Micah Network, which represents 584 member organizations currently registered in eighty-four countries committed to integral mission. He and his wife, Elmarie, were born and raised in South Africa and have three adult children and six grandchildren.

Additional Speakers:

Pastor Dave Stone
Panel Speaker
Dr. Peter Ok’aalet
Panel Speaker
Pete Ondeng