Session 2 - Wholistic Social Engagement

Restoring the Broken

Post COVID-19

About the Webinar:

Broken relationships did not start with the arrival of COVID-19, but the pandemic and “lock-down” has highlighted the fragility of all relationships. It has also shown us that although we are globally all in the same storm, we are NOT in the same boat — some are in luxury yachts while others are in hollowed-out tree trunks trying to survive. The pandemic has also revealed the clear need for restoration and reformation in Global South-Global North church partnerships in pursuing the fulfillment of our missional call. Come and learn how the chruch can again speak with a prophetic voice of hope and health instead of division and death in these challenging situations.

Lead Speaker:

Rev. Dr. Dennis Tongoi

Dennis Tongoi is the founding international director emeritus of CMS – Africa (2008 to 2018). He coordinated Samaritan Strategy Africa (2001 to 2014), a movement of over six hundred trainers on biblical worldview and wholistic discipleship in more than 40 countries in Africa.

He holds a DTh. in missiology from the University of South Africa (2017) on the topic “Business as Mission and Mission as Business: Sustaining Christian Mission in Africa.”  He is a graduate of Kenyatta University with a Bachelor’s degree in education (1980) and an EMBA in business leadership (2012). He is the founder of New Dawn Kenya (2002), a local NGO that runs three community-based programs.

Dennis served as the business leadership manager for the executive MBA program run by the Copenhagen Business School in collaboration with Mount Kenya University (2010 to 2016). Over 45 CEOs of Kenyan companies were mentored. Dennis is a director at Herbal Garden Ltd. an agribusiness SME established in 2007. Dennis has also authored four books..

He is married to Irene Tongoi. They have three adult children: Julia Okonda, Sammy Obura, and Tabitha Wambugha, and four grandchildren.


Additional Speakers:

Dr. Grace Dyrness
Panel Speaker
Dr. Yared Mekonen
Panel Speaker
Pete Ondeng