Session 4 - Wholistic Health and Wellness

Wholistic Approach to Emotional and Mental Health in the Post-COVID-19 World

Impactful interventions that will last

November 10, 2020 at 4:00pm EAT / 8:00am EST

About the Webinar:

There has been a proliferation of webinars presented, articles written, and talks given on the importance of emotional and mental health in this post-COVID-19 era. One thing that has been proven is that when these subjects are compartmentalized, the treatment of mental and emotional health, member care, and coping with the trauma of the pandemic is, at best, minimally effective with limited, if any, lasting impact. The answer is found in a wholistic health and wellness approach. This webinar will feature some of the foremost practitioners and thought leaders in this field that are helping the church, especially in Africa, embrace its role in this field.

Lead Speaker:

Dr. Gladys Mwiti

Dr. Gladys Mwiti, PhD is an accomplished consulting clinical psychologist with demonstrated success in private practice in mental health, organizational empowerment, and community resiliency. Her career passion is to train and support individuals and organizations in making a difference by bringing healing empowerment and resiliency to communities and persons who struggle with mental health challenges, especially those related to traumatic stress and conflict. She has wide experience in individual psychotherapy, training and supervision of professional psychologists, community psycho-education, and university training of counseling and clinical psychologists. In addition, she is responsible for the overall management and administration of Oasis Africa Center for Transformational Psychology & Trauma, a large psychological counseling and training organization, and its various programs, networking and relationship building, and consultative solutions advice. Oasis Africa is a preferred provider for corporate and organizational employee wellness programs in Kenya and beyond, as well as trauma services for individuals, community, and critical incidents. Dr. Mwiti is also a published author, researcher and preferred conference speaker — locally and internationally.

Additional Speakers:

Dr. Jamie D. Aten
Panel Speaker
Mrs. Margaret Sirma
Panel Speaker
Pete Ondeng