Session 5 -Economic Empowerment

The Church and Economic Empowerment

Restoring/Redeeming businesses

About the Webinar:

COVID-19 has shattered plans, closed businesses, cancelled flights, separated families, shifted goals, and taken lives. The inequality of the impact and damage of the pandemic to the poorest of the poor has highlighted the need for advocacy for the most vulnerable. Do we understand the differences there are for various groups of the population as we were quarantined and prevented from working for extended times? The difference between the impact on the person who works in a factory in the Global North or in an office in Nairobi and the person who works for $3 per day as a street vendor needing the daily income to buy food for herself and children? And not surprisingly, women suffer disproportionally. In order to reflect God’s compassion, the restoration and reestablishment of micro-businesses, especially those with women entrepreneurs, must become a priority as nations begin to rebuild economies. This has to be done with a long-term biblical worldview pursuing wholistic impact. Join us to learn more.

Lead Speaker:

Pete Ondeng

Pete Ondeng, founder of Lead Africa Foundation, is a seasoned leadership and governance consultant with over 30 years of international experience, mostly in finance and economic development. He qualified as a certified public accountant (CPA) in the United States where he began his career. Since then, he has carried out short and long-term assignments with a number of organizations in the corporate, non-profit, and public sectors in over 20 countries.

Currently, Pete is the chief operating officer of Life In Abundance International. He is an accomplished author and frequent speaker at global conferences and events. In his highly acclaimed book, Africa’s Moment, he presents his perspectives on the paradoxes of Africa’s quest to become a positive, peaceful, and prosperous continent.

He is well known in Kenya for his insightful newspaper commentaries and frequent appearances on leadership and motivational forums on television. He serves on a number of corporate and non-profit boards and is an ardent supporter of charities involved in helping vulnerable and orphaned children.

Additional Speakers:

Rogers Odima
Panel Speaker
Lisa Jernigan
Panel Speaker
Rev Kwame Rubadiri